Business owners place beacons on store front and takes various pictures of their store front while the app passes it to the web-service

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Real Estate

Showcasing interior design from an exterior locale

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Store owners interact and engage with customers outside their display window

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LocateAR is an Augmented Reality (AR) geolocation platform that enables businesses to rapidly develop and deploy targeted and specialized location‐based AR experiences for their customers.

The platform consists of several components that include: GeoLocation, Augmented Reality, image recognition and cloud based content delivery.

The ability to walk down a street and view projected information relating to restaurants, retailers, real estate or financial firms will vastly enhance the way people are able to interact and do business with the environment around them.


The Glimpse Group

LocateAR is a subsidiary of The Glimpse Group, a VR/AR company with the specific purpose of cultivating entrepreneurs in the VR/AR industry.